We’re now into our third decade of creating innovative ways to take topics that are hard (and let’s face it - sometimes pretty dry) and make them interesting and relevant to our clients. Our sole focus is to provide quality, measurable and proven training solutions.

We thrive on ensuring our clients are able to utilise our expertise in “making hard things interesting” to all sorts of learning and training problems across many different industries and subject domains. These range from our roots in the super technical through to soft skills, and business processes.

You will find we are determined to provide a relevant, quality focussed and inspiring outcome for your training needs from design to delivery and assessment, for face-to-face, e-learning and remote training.




Who hasn't had to endure terrible training? Slide decks being read to you that you could read faster for yourself? Screen after screen of compulsory elearning that exists only because legal said "something has to be done". Training that doesn't train. What a wasted opportunity.

Training should be enjoyed, encouraged, and empowering. When training is done right, it's keenly anticipated.

Attendees leave an IIT Training course feeling like Super Heroes. They've learnt new skills they previously thought unreachable - now they are on the path to mastery.



Training is our core business.

Teaching is at the very centre of what we do, so we'd better be good at it. We understand that the whole point of training is to help people to change for the better. Every job we take on is built around applying all of our skill and resources to produce training events that bring about this positive change in people and their abilities.



Our staff are second to none.

To provide great training, we need great trainers. We could fill a book on what makes a great trainer, but let's just pick three qualities held close by all IIT staff.

We are passionate about helping people to learn,

We understand that training is a multifaceted skill, and one must be expert across all aspects of the contemporary training cycle: needs analysis, design, development, delivery, assessment, and evaluation.

Finally, we must be expert in the topics we teach. We live and breath the technology we are training.



Great training isn't an accident.

Great training looks easy. This is exactly how it should look to everyone participating in the training - anything else would be a distraction. Making it look easy is hard work, even with years of experience. We use all of our skill and expertise in designing, developing, and delivering training to produce training that flows effortlessly for every participant - which is exactly how it should be.



We make bespoke training solutions.

Your organisation and people are in a unique situation. You need to solve a particular problem with training, and off the shelf courses aren't going to fix it - certainly not in one go, and definitely not cost effectively. We provide training solutions designed to solve your specific problem. We can tailor delivery methods including onsite, offsite, remote, and self paced. We can include exactly the topics your teams need and none they don't. Content can include your organisation's implementation details.

Everything you need and nothing you don't. It makes perfect sense.



We take care of everything.

Quality customer service means more than just a smile and friendly voice on the phone. For us it means anticipating exactly what you need and being right on the spot to give it to you. Our service starts long before anyone is thinking about getting to class and continues long after. We can handle every aspect of your training needs. That we're super friendly just goes without saying.



We've got some big ticks.

Our Quality Management System isn't the most exciting aspect of our business, but it's one we're very proud of. IIT Training has been ISO9001 accredited since 1997. Our system is externally audited by SAI GLOBAL annually. This is a integral part of  ensuring nothing slips through the cracks, and our clients receive the best possible services every time.

IIT Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia. This registration allows us to deliver accredited training under the same qualification framework as TAFE and other vocational colleges. Our RTO status is managed and audited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.