Podcasts: Windows to Information

When thinking of technological advancements, one thing you may not consider is the podcast. While the idea itself is not groundbreaking, podcasts represent another side of the information age. Small nuggets of information and learning can be gleaned from these short, recorded and shareable “mini radio shows.” Podcasts exist covering almost any subject you could think of. While podcasts serve many purposes (many are purely for entertainment) an increasing number of podcasts are devoted to education and the sharing of ideas. Podcasts have become windows of information in our world. Podcasting to Share IT News

IT is one area that can use podcasts to an advantage. As folks in this industry are already well connected and “plugged-in”, a podcasts presents a great way to share bits of information in small, digestible formats. So many podcasts available are free to listeners, which makes sharing the knowledge even easier.

There are numerous great podcasts devoted to the subject of Information Technology. A fairly large list can be found here. When checking out a technology podcast, subjects can range from the most technical of new inventions, to general IT and computer news, reviews on recent releases, and numerous tips, tricks, and discussions. They present a valuable resource to those hoping to learn more in this area.

An Option for Learning

Podcasts provide a unique option for dealing with training or advancement. As individuals learn in all different ways and through different methods, a podcast is a wonderful way to cater to those who are auditory learners. Many trainees would benefit from audio lessons to help them along, and the length of the podcast can be tailored to the needs of each.

For certain companies and businesses, a podcast may be a great marketing tool as well. The employees could learn how to create and market podcasts which are specific to their company and its areas of expertise, which would be an excellent way to build their reputation and boost reach. As a popular format for entertainment and learning, podcasts could absolutely be a great choice for a company to look into.

Hone Your Skills With Podcasts

Anyone in business or IT should be keen to keep his or her brain sharp and fresh. Podcasts are an ideal way to grow those minds! Educational podcasts that teach, question, and get you pondering are serious brain-boosters. Learning something new, whatever the subject, allows an individual to hone their critical thinking skills, and actively listening to a podcast has the added benefit of increasing focus. A podcast may be a strong alternative to listening to music. Since podcasts come along in your phone or mp3 player, you can listen to it on the go, while you are commuting, exercising, or even shopping for groceries. In this way, your brain can be constantly receiving new, educational information. This is a win-win situation, as you will be acquiring interesting knowledge, and honing your sharp mind--making you more focused and motivated in the workplace. Podcasts truly are windows to information, and we should all try and incorporate them into our daily lives.